Friday, December 27, 2013

November 2013

Blake mowed up the leaves many times in November.
Blake and I took a trip to Boise so he could provide Anesthesia for Dr. Rodgers. We stayed in a hotel really close to Krispy Kreme, we had to stop in when the hot light was on!
We bought a new snow machine.  The neighbor's cat had to come check it out.
Blake, Randy and Jared went hunting a couple of times, they shot their guns, but didn't hit anything.
November is when you put the snow tires on Red.
Funny story.....Courtney had a sliver, so Blake removed it for her. Nikelle had to have a TB test, so Randy did that for her. This all happened simultaneously. Guess our dining room turned into a clinic.
 Blake and I stopped in Draper at Scheels on our way home from my nephew Travis' wedding. Scheels is sort of like Cabela's, it was a fun place.
Thanksgiving was a little different this year.  Randy had to work, Courtney went on a trip with some friends, Jared and Nikelle went to Rupert, so Blake and I had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and brother and his family. It was a fun day. Then on Friday, Blake, Randy, Jared, Nikelle and I loaded up and drove to West Yellowstone.  Jared was disappointed that there was not enough snow to take the snow machines! We stayed until Sunday.  On Saturday, we drove up to Big Sky, MT.  There really was not much snow anywhere yet. When we got back, Randy and Jared shot some guns at a machine gun/rifle range. They thought that was pretty fun. We had our own Thanksgiving dinner in the condo at the resort.

Jared and Randy shooting.
Some of the higher ski runs were open at Big Sky.
Randy got tired.

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