Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Updating…August, September and the 1st of October

When we got back from our trip, there was a lot of mowing to catch up on. 

Celebrating Courtney's birthday as they returned from their long road trip. 

Unloading the snow machines from the trailer. This is the first time Jared has really seen the machines, I'm sure he wished he was going to ride them.

Randy and Courtney moved into a townhouse in Blackfoot because they are both working here. Lucky thing for Jared and Nikelle, because they get to live int the Idaho Falls house. 
Jared borrowed a trailer from Terry so he could take the 65 to Rupert for a prop for their engagement pictures.

Unloading it when he came back on Sunday. 

A sampling of their pictures. They turned out really good. 

We bought a new lawn mower. 
It's a little tricky to learn to drive, but does a good job. They found a bird on the lawn. 

Blake and I got caught in a huge downpour when we went to Pocatello to Red Lobster. 

We got rid of the dinosaur wallpaper and made a real nice guest room in the basement. 

We bought Jared a new suit for his wedding. 
Jared suffered an injury at work involving a drill bit going into the flesh between his thumb and finger. Not a fun thing! Luckily it all healed well. 

My mom, Courtney and I got to go to a shower for Nikelle in Rupert. It was centered around the musical "Wicked". It was fun and cute.  

Blake and I helped Nikelle get all their announcements ready to mail. 
We celebrated Blake's 58th birthday. He kept telling Maden he was 60, but Maden knew the truth.  

Randy cleaned our bedroom carpet while the room was empty. 

The room was empty because we bought a new bed. It took a lot longer for it to be delivered tha we thought it was going to.  We moved our old bed to the basement way too soon, so we spent over a week sleeping downstairs.  Courtney came and helped Blake fix the headboard to fit the new bed. The new bed is wonderful!

Courtney threw a shower for Nikelle in our home. It was fun and decorated so cute. 

The first Saturday in October Randy, Blake and Jared went to sight in the guns. 

Courtney and Nikelle watching "their men" rotate the tires on their cars. Nikelle had gone to the temple the night before.  This was their last weekend being single. I'm pretty sure they were glad to be finished with splitting weekends between Rupert and Blackfoot.

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