Friday, March 15, 2013

January 2013

January was an extremely cold month, colder than usual. We had below zero temperatures many days. Our propane fireplace ran constantly! Blake and Randy didn't let the cold stop them from doing some snow machining. They went on the January 3rd and again on the 12th. They went to Island Park both times and said the snow was incredible.
Of course they had to stop in at Meadow Creek Lodge for lunch.
On January 19, they went on another cold adventure. They went to Soda Springs to the Fishing Derby.  It was something Blake wanted to do now that he's not doing Life Insurance Exams any more. It was bitterly cold, and they didn't catch anything, so I bet they don't go again, but it was an adventure.
We also had some snow storms in January, which means plowing the driveway. It's really fast with the four wheeler's plow.

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Cindy said...

it was crazy cold for a loooong time there. those boys don't know when it's time to stay home and be warm!