Friday, March 15, 2013

February 2013

The first weekend of February I went to Smithfield with my parents to help sort things in Grandpa's house. We worked hard and got a lot done. Somehow I didn't get any pictures, which is sad because the house took on a totally different look with everything off the walls and off the shelves. While I was gone, Blake, Randy and Courtney went to Jackson to see the elk. They said there was a lot of them and it was fun.

After seeing the elk, they went back to Idaho Falls and took Grandma Purcell to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  This is a very good picture of her, but I doubt Randy and Courtney think the same about this picture of them.
The 2nd weekend of February found us in West Yellowstone for our annual snow machine trip. The snow was pretty good, not as good as sometimes, but not too bad.  I didn't go out on the machines, and stayed inside working on a project involving pictures. I got quite a bit done. It was a nice getaway.
It looks like Randy got bucked off!
They even saw some Buffalo. That is the first time they've every seen those when on the machines.
When we got home, the wind had blown some drifts in the driveway.
On February 16th, Blake, Randy and I drove down to Smithfield to load some things in the Pickup that my dad needed taken home from Grandpa's house.  They got everything out of the house, and have now put it up for sale. Sadly, once again I didn't get any pictures of the house.
I did get some pictures of them moving the bed into my parents house!
The last weekend of February, we went to the Bear Lake area for another snow machine trip.  Once again, I did not go out on the machines, but they had a great time riding.
We went on some deer hunting excursions, and saw tons and tons of deer in the canyons.
A funny thing happened on this trip....this is Blake and Randy all ready for church! Yep that's how they went, because their suits got left in Blackfoot!

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