Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Blake had arthroscopy surgery on his left knee today. It has really been hurting for about 3 months. Since he had already met his deductible for this year he decided to have his knee fixed. There was a miniscus tear that Dr. Andary repaired and he also removed some scar tissue. He said Blake should be back to playing tennis, and doing almost anything he wants in 2 -3 weeks.
This is before surgery, they hadn't even started the IV yet.
He rode home in the back seat, we laid the front seat down and he put his feet up on the back of it. He slept so soundly all the way home, he didn't even know that we were home and stopped in the garage. Must have been good pills they gave him after surgery.

The doctor told him he should use crutches for 3 or 4 days. Notice the betadine on his foot, I call him "yellow foot".

He finally woke up enough to eat something, it was probably time, since he hadn't eaten since Monday afternoon!

Baby had to come and rest with Blake in the recliner.


Cindy Mantei said...

baby is helping him get better. i thought about the surgery in the morning, but totally forgot to call and see how it was. that seems like fast recovery time. you should keep the crutches around. i'm sure jared and his friends (and even brian!) would play with them for a long time. hehe.

Paul and Beth Chambers said...

Hope Blake gets well really soon. I was happy to see the words Dr. Andary. He is good. Good pictures

Hirschi Family said...

Diana...yeah!! I'm glad you found me! Blake is sooo funny. He looks very relaxed. I will probably be having the same surgery in a few weeks. I will have to get tips from Blake! I LOVE YOUR FAMILY! Nanette

chelseyandmatt said...

thanks for the message!! i have been feeling ok..ok i won't lie, i have been pretty sick. there are days when its better, but some that are a lot worse! oh well, hopefully the worst part is ovER! i was thinking i might be coming up when matt is out of town with my baby, cause ill need some help!!! yikes! anyway, is blake recovering well? that is probably not a fun surgery at all. when its your knee, it feels like you cant do anything!!