Monday, May 26, 2008

Planting the garden

We had to hurry and get the garden tilled, and the rows made, and everything planted Monday morning before it rained, which it did all afternoon. We barely made it in the nick of time.

There was one little problem with the day. Blake was carrying the "row maker" back to the top of the row, and somehow tripped over his own feet and fell flat. Brian was driving the four wheeler around to get it in position and saw Blake fall, scared Brian to death, he tore off the four wheeler and ran over to Blake who was laughing! Brian helped him up and they went on with their work.

After we got it all planted, it started raining and rained all afternoon! I think it washed some of the dirt off the tops of the rows and and left some seeds exposed!


Paul and Beth Chambers said...

It is fun to see you planting. At least the snow left. We had a beautiful day, but it poured for awhile in the evening.

Cindy Mantei said...

did celia help plant last year? it's weird to see her there doing that. and also weird to have no randall. glad dad didn't fall on the row maker when he fell over!