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April (and a little bit of May) 2017 Adventures

April 2, 2017
We watched General Conference and celebrated Celia's birthday, which is actually on the 3rd.  

April 8th - Easter Egg and Treasure Hunt - We had our Easter festivities a week early, we had planned to have it outside in our yard, but the weather was rainy, cold and windy.  Courtney offered to let us use her school and it was perfect.  

The kids had a great time searching for their prizes.  It was quite nice because they weren't hidden really well, perfect for these little ones.  They loved waiting in Courtney's classroom while their prizes were being hidden.  

After the hunting ended, it turned into a little bit of basketball time.  Jared helped the little ones dunk! Then it was a lively little game of lightning.

April 12 - 16 - Trip to LaVerkin, Utah - Randy and Jared planned a little trip to Southern Utah so we could take the boat out for the first time this year.  They found a really nice house to rent for the time we were there.  

Courtney, Nikelle, Molly and Ryder left on Wednesday night and stayed the night in Orem with Courtney's family.  Randy, Jared, Blake and I caught up with them on Thursday morning, then we all headed for LaVerkin.  Molly and Ryder had fun checking out the boat and the house we stayed in.

Friday morning, I stayed with the two little munchkins while the rest went to St. George to get the window in my car fixed and to the temple.  Ryder and Molly had a great time playing in the yard with bubbles and balls.  Ryder decided he had to eat Macaroni and Cheese because Molly was.  He hadn't really liked it much before then.  Molly showed him how to eat it, he kept saying good with every bite. I'm not sure how much ended up in his mouth, there was a lot in his lap, but he sure had a good time.

Friday afternoon, we took the boat out to Sand Hollow Lake.  We had a little problem starting the boat to begin with, but Jared and Randy got it going.  Molly and Ryder had a little picnic in the boat while it was being worked on.  

Everyone had a great time riding in the boat.  

Jared and Randy both tried their luck at water skiing.  They did really well, got up on the first try.  The lake was beautiful with the red cliffs and rocks.

Some random pictures from our time in LaVerkin.  Holding hands in the parking lot, Grandpa doing bubbles, Ryder not liking the grass to touch his legs, sticking letters on Ryders back in the tub, eating and eating, Jared, Randy and Blake looking at the scenery over a wall in a little park.

Saturday, we planned to go to a Splash Park in Washington, when we got there, the water park wasn't open yet so they let us go in a basketball court and shoot some hoops until the water park opened.  It was a great facility! They had a great time playing ball for a bit.  Jared had to go under to bleachers to find a ball, Molly was a great little cheerleader from the bench, Ryder and Molly had a great time climbing on the bleachers.  

The Splash/Water Park was really nice, the water was not cold, just a nice temperature.  The kids loved it.  Molly got really brave and loved jumping into the pool, she didn't even care when her head went under the water.  

On our way home on Sunday we found this fun chair at a gas station in Beaver.  We just had to sit in it and take a picture.  

April 28 - May 2

Brian and Celia took a little trip to Texas, so we got to spend some time with Maden, Annie and Clark.  We stayed at their house on school nights, but brought them to Blackfoot for the weekend.

Clark, Annie and I had lunch at McDonalds at 10:45am.  When you're the Grandma, you can do things a little differently! 

When we got to Blackfoot, Randy and Ryder came over to play.  Clark and Ryder had a great time racing to and from Grandpa.  Maden and Annie and I played a fun game and Ryder watched.  I guess Maden and Clark just wanted to roll around on the floor.  (Annie took a lot of these pictures.)

Annie loves to take selfies, and I love all the faces of Annie!

Clark and Ryder went for a ride with Grandpa and Randy.  They loved playing with the empty pop bottles.  Maden and Annie and I went to see Grandma Beth and Grandpa Chin Chopper.  I'm sad that I didn't get a picture of Maden and Grandma Beth playing air hockey.  Annie liked playing with Grandpa Chin Chopper.  We went over to the school and Annie loved the climbing wall.  Maden helped Grandpa Chin Chopper trim some grass under the trees, he thought it was kind of fun.  

Jared and Nikelle and Molly came down to help with some projects, so there was a lot of little ones here.  There was a lot of swinging, bubble blowing, smelling flowers, playing in the rocks and taking rides on four wheeler and lawn mower.  Maden and Annie also did a little craft and played some games that we didn't get any pictures of.

It's so fun to watch these three play together.  They all have to do the same things, if one is sitting up to the table, they all have to.  The bottom pictures make me laugh.  All five of these littles are very interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while they eat.

All ready for church on Sunday.  Such cute kids! Clark is twins with Grandpa!

I bought the kids these pinwheels, it's so fun to see the simple pleasures of childhood.  I loved hearing Annie's laughter and seeing the delight on her cute little face.

We took the kids over to the playground at Maden's school.  They had a great time even though it was cold and windy.  Maden had a great time showing us around and playing everything.  He is very good at jump rope, and Clark had try it too.  

Annie loved climbing way up high, Maden loved playing a little baseball and Clark just wants to do everything the big kids are doing.

We met Nikelle and Molly at the Iona Library for story time, then the kids played on the playground there.  I love Molly and Annie's hair when they came down the slide. Clark loved the slides too.

Misc. April happenings.

Yes, this is snow! It was April 9th! We had snow again on the 27th and 28th! This is really winter that won't go away!

Just some random pictures from April.  Clark and Molly sharing a snack, Ryder's thrilled with new letters, more snow!, Molly wearing her daddy's hard hat in the car, celebrating Jared finishing school!, Molly going for a spin on her new trike, Ryder playing with letters!

More fun pictures, Ryder and Molly going for a ride on the trike with Grandma, little miss hollywood, Clark swinging on a big swing, Annie and Clark on a big slide, Clark going for a ride on his trike, and Ryder coloring.

Playing at the school playground by Grandma Great Purcell's house, then eating at Texas Roadhouse with her.

Ryder playing with the tulips, little Princess Molly, Ryder waiting for a ride on the lawn mower, then getting his rides with Grandpa.

Grandpa Chin Chopper made popcorn while Ryder and Molly watched, it's pretty fascinating. Molly loves helping her daddy mow the lawn. For some silly reason, Ryder took his shoe and shock off while we were shopping in Walmart.  

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