Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Transformations Begin Again, Part 1

Once again we are taking advantage of my brother, Randy Chambers' rotten luck and terrific talents. He's found himself needing work again, and we need some work done.  We have decided to do some remodeling, starting with the master bathroom. We needed to take the bathtub out and make a walk in shower. We started the process on September 15th, and the master bath was finished today! We have been using it for two weeks without the glass shower doors, we used a shower curtain until the doors could be installed.

Here are the before pictures:

It really did need some major updating! I really was not sad to see that yellow tub go! 

Now for the demolition and rebuilding process:

Everything was removed, clear down to the studs. Blake and Randy and Randy C. worked hard. The hardest part was getting the heavy tub out! Pretty much filled the horse trailer with all the mess.

Jared came and wired for the new lights and put a new fan in. My dad came and helped with the sheet rock mudding one day. The huge cupboard that would go behind the door was not going to make the turn into the bedroom, so Blake had the idea to put it through the bedroom window. It had maybe an inch clearance on the top of the window. The Randys and Blake really used their muscles that day.  We decided to have Mickelsen Marble do our huge new shower, and we had to wait for them to come. They also had trouble getting one of the big pieces in and then turned right in the shower. They had to cut it a little, then come back 4 days later to finish.  It all turned into a huge process and waiting game.  

Here's a picture I found on Pinterest that I used for inspiration for the sink and cupboard next to it:

Now here are the pictures of the final product! It turned out wonderful! I love it! The huge shower is amazing! I think it all turned out so well, and is so pretty and functional too. I love the tile, and the lights and the color of the shower. I'm not very good at visualizing what it will look like from samples, but I think it turned out great!

It's really hard to get good pictures. These pictures really don't do justice to it.
I love the cubby in the shower for the shampoos and soaps, I also love the bench. I feel like I'm in an upscale hotel! Thank you Randy C. for helping our dream become reality!

Stay tuned, there are plenty more transformations in the works!

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Cindy said...

It all looks so good. I love big shirts with room for all your stuff. You went from scary to classy in there.