Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dr. James summer party

August 2, 2014

Dr. Michael James had a summer staff party at his cabin in Island Park. I wish I would have got a picture of the cabin, it is beautiful and so different in the summer than in the winter.

Blake helped to take the jet skis to the dock with this 4 wheeler. We are all settled in watching the people out on the water.

Jared, Nikelle, Randy, Courtney and Ashely (Courtney's friend) along with Mike Adam's family went out on the 2nd run in the boat.  Courtney, Ashely, Nikelle and one of Mike's sons got on the tubes. The tubes got tipped, and somehow Courtney hurt her foot.  She sat on the dock using the cold water for ice.  

On the third trip out, Blake and I joined Jared and Nikelle and Michelle's family and some of Mike's kids.  It's a very nice boat, and Dr. James is a great driver. The lake was beautiful.

Jared and Nikelle went for a ride on the tube, because Dr. James promised he'd just drive slow and straight back to the dock.

Randy and Jared took the jet ski out for a little spin.

It was a very nice party, good food and fun on the lake.  Courtney's foot was not broken, but bruised very badly.  Thanks, Dr. James for the fun party and looking at Courtney's foot on Monday.

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