Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Sinks

In January, Blake and I were in Lowes to pick up a new shower head. I mentioned to him that the tap in our bathroom sink seemed to be leaking and wondered if it was too hard to replace the tap. He said well, lets just replace the sink.  So, we bought the sink and and materials and headed for home.
 So Randy came over and the work began.  As you can see, the sink was a lovely yellow, so I wasn't too sad to see it go.  It was a little difficult to get it to drop out, but it finally came.
Now they could work on the the pipes underneath easier.
Now it's all in and looks so wonderful.  I love the new tap too! 

Well, after deciding that putting the new sink in wasn't so hard, we decided to replace the sinks in the main bathroom.  They had to order more sinks in that size and so Blake and Randy got them installed yesterday, Feb. 15th. They look wonderful too! Yay! No more green sinks!

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Cindy said...

The sinks do look very nice. Colored fixtures in bathrooms is one trend I'm not sad to see going away. I don't think your bathroom is a 3 person bathroom. Looks very squishy in there.