Saturday, July 13, 2013

What have we been up to lately?

TENNIS!  As soon as Jared was released, and we had eaten we went over to Matsuura's to play tennis. 

Cindy, Blake, Randy and Jared all played for a little while.  We had signed Jared up to play in a league, so he needed a little practice because they had a match that night!

Here he is playing doubles with Randy the very night he got home. He was a little rusty, but did ok.

We got Jared a new phone so he could be part of our family group texts and pictures. 

ANIMALS…while Cindy was here we went to cousin Becky's little petting zoo, or at least that's what Cindy acted like!
Cindy loves kittens and caught the wild little ones to hug. They got to help milk the cow and feed the calves. 

WORK…five days after Jared got home, he was offered a job with his  Uncle Terry ,  wiring  houses and buildings.  We are very grateful for this opportunity!  He has decided to make this his career.  He now has his apprentice license and will start school at EITC in the fall.
Jared bought his own tools so he didn't have to borrow them.

TENNIS IN BOISE..Blake's spring mixed doubles team qualified to go to Boise and play in the regional section.  We went the first weekend of June. They even won a few matches!
Playing at the Boise Swim and Racquet Club. 

FOUR WHEELING.…Blake, Jared and Courtney (Randy was sad he had to work) went 4wheeling near Swan Valley one Saturday. 
The wild flowers were in full bloom!

TRIMMING TREES…most of our pine trees were getting out of control, so Blake and Jared trimmed them up . 
They took many loads to the dump.  They also disturbed some birds and nests. 

MORE TENNIS…Blake, Randy and Jared were all playing on the same 18 and over team, and Blake also played on a 55 and over team. There were a lot of matches! Jared had a hard time making it on time because he was working so late. Blake and Jared also played in Yuki's invitational tournament. 
The top 5 pictures are of the league matches. The bottom 3 even include Courtney in some just for fun tennis. 

FIXING THE WELL…we had been having the pump to our well turn on all the time even when no water was running. Finally, Blake decided that there was a leak between the well and the pressure tank. He decided that it was in the pipe that was under the patio.  
He dug up around the well to see where the pipes were. Then he took apart the wall in the basement.  Clem Yancey came with his little tractor/backhoe and dug the trench to the house.  They had to reroute the pipe through the basement wall, drilling the hole in the cement was very difficult. 

They got the pipe rerouted, rewired the well, fixed the sprinkler line they had cut, then used Clem's tractor to fill in the trench. Yay water!  Really appreciate water after two days without it!

Next came the job of filling in with some top soil and planting new grass. 

JULY 4th…we did something a little different this year. Blake, Randy, Courtney and I went to Island Park and floated down Mack's River. It was very peaceful and beautiful. 
It was a beautiful day! We also drove over to Henry's Lake. 

YELLOWSTONE BEAR WORLD... July 13th, Blake, Courtney, (once again Randy had to work) Jared, Nikelle and I went to Yellowstone Bear World. It's really a fun place to go.
We found the three bears!  Then, one just about ate Jared. They loved feeling the velvet on this deer. 

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