Sunday, May 19, 2013

A visit from the Erie Purcell's!

Brian is attending Anesthesia school in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had semester break starting on Friday, May 10th, so they came to visit.  Maden let us know it took 2 cars and 2 planes to get here. We picked them up in Salt Lake at 9:00pm on Friday.

Maden and Annie got tired waiting to board the plane. They made it to Salt Lake! In the pickup on the way to Idaho. Maden stayed awake almost to Malad! He and I had a nice visit.

Saturday's activities included finding the IPad, playing games with Courtney, and Annie learning to like the "jump suit" and playing pool.

Saturday also included swinging and playing some ball games.

Annie got to meet her Great Grandma Beth, and Grandpa Chin Chopper.

Maden got to help dig in the dirt and replant a plant.
We did a "photo shoot" with Annie. (We were not too successful on getting the perfect picture though. But it doesn't matter, she's so cute!)

Sunday, we went to church. Maden went to the Sunbeams, it was fun for me to sit behind him in Sharing time. He participated very well and sang the songs. After church we got to talk to Jared on the phone. It was fun for Brian and Celia to actually be here for the phone call. We did a conference call with Cindy, so we were all in on the conversation. 

Here we are all gathered around the speaker phone talking to Jared. Maden sang him a couple of songs, one was Popcorn Popping, he even did the actions, Jared and Cindy couldn't see the actions, but the rest of us sure enjoyed it. Just couldn't get enough of hugging those babies!

On Monday, Maden figured out that he could play with a puppet and not be scared, he did some hopscotching and chasing bubbles.

Monday afternoon we went to Idaho Falls to help Grandma Purcell plant some flowers and mow her lawn. Maden loved digging and riding on the lawn mower with Randy. Annie met her Grandma Great. 

Happy girl in the morning!

Blake had to work on Tuesday, so Brian went to observe. We took the kids in to see Daddy and Grandpa and meet the people at Parkway.

I found the old light bright. Maden really enjoyed playing with it.

It was quite windy and not so warm outside, but we went out to blow some bubbles anyway.  Then the kids snuggled with Mommy to get warm.

Blake and I took Maden to Courtney's school. He wanted to get on the big tires first thing.  Courtney's "kids' were very cute with Maden.

Courtney and Maden went down the big slide.

Inside the classroom, Maden got to sit at the big table and write his name. Then "Mrs. Purcell" took him around and introduced him to all the kids. He liked 9 year old school.

Wednesday morning we went and played air hockey with Grandpa Chin Chopper.

Then Maden went to Idaho Falls to get "Blue" out of the shop and help Randy fix it.

Then we went bowling at Skyline lanes.

Annie enjoyed the attention and watching everyone bowl. I love spending time with these two!

Back at home we went outside for awhile. These are the many faces of Annie girl.

Maden blew some more bubbles.

And played some more ball games.

Maden decided he wanted to climb our big tree, when he couldn't do it by himself, he asked for Celia's help. They decided the tree was just too big.

Thursday while Blake and Brian were back at Parkway, we took the kids to Jensen's Grove to play. It was very windy and not very warm, but Maden had a good time playing on the slides. He plays so good with even stranger kids.

During their stay here, Blake, Brian, Celia and Randy got to play a lot of tennis, but I didn't go take any pictures. 

There were a lot of stories read every night.

We played a lot of games. Maden is very good at following the rules and catches on to the games very quickly.

Friday, we headed for Utah. We stopped in Ogden for lunch at Iggy's. The we went to the Treehouse Children's Museum.

There was a huge map, with questions for you to find the right place. Annie just hung out in her "home state".

Maden was President for a few minutes, I guess Annie was the VP. She learned to sit up really well during her time in Idaho. The Ogden temple is next to the museum, so you can see the construction going on. Maden loved the big "chest" game. Brian built an arch and dared to put Annie under it.

Dr. Maden putting a skeleton puzzle together and taking care of the babies in the nursery. 

Attending school like Little House on the Prairie.

We stayed at a Residence Inn near the Airport in Salt Lake. I just couldn't get enough of hugging my Annie girl, and talking and reading to Maden.  Blake bought him some ice cream and he even got some on his legs!

The week went by way to fast! We are so glad they came to Idaho. Maden told me on Saturday morning that he was sad because he wanted to stay at my house in Idaho for 100 days, not just 8. It's always hard to say goodbye. Love you all not just tons, but 100 tons!

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