Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Senior Pictures

Saturday, Jared and I decided to try taking his senior pictures. We took pictures at Matsuura's tennis courts, the river, our driveway with several different "props", down by a straw stack, and in the house. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, and I really don't know how to deal with shadows and stuff, but all in all I think they turned out pretty good. Here is a sample of some of them.
Isn't he cute? Please vote for your favorite!


Cindy Mantei said...

oooh he is a cute boy! i like a lot of them, but here are my top 3
3.on the rock in the river
2.sitting on the snow mobile
1.closer up of him leaning on blue. love the ford belt buckle! that might be the best one for the yearbook. but i wish the light wasn't so bright on the side of his face.
make him do a redo out of the sunbeam :)

Beckie said...

I really like the one with the pickup in the bed--!! Very Good!!

and the one with the green striped shrit by the tree!!

Paul and Beth Chambers said...

I really like them all because of course I like Jared so much. He looks to grown up and handsome. I guess if I have to vote, I'd say the one where he is leaning on the tree, and the last one with the jacket.

chelseyandmatt said...

I vote blue with the blue truck. I love the color blue! I especially like trees in the background and the hay in the shows your true roots!! haha