Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tennis this week

Jared only had two matches this week due to inclimate weather. They played Hillcrest on Tuesday and lost that match.
They played Highland on Wednesday and won that one!

They were supposed to have a match on Thursday, but it was cancelled because of this.....

Brian and Celia are playing in a tournament at Apple Athletic in IF. They are playing singles, then mixed doubles. Celia had never played a singles match before, let alone in a tournament, but wanted to try it. She was the only one to sign up in the beginner bracket, so they asked her if she would play up, which she did. It was a pretty tough match and she was pretty nervous, but at least now she has had a little experience.

Brian was the "come back" kid in his match. He got down 0-5 in the 1st set and came back and ended up playing a tie breaker and winning it 10-8. Then he was able to win the 2nd set 6-2!
(I forgot to change the setting on my camera so these indoor pictures are blury.)

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